Edisto Baptist Association
Sunday, February 28, 2021
Reaching America & the World through Missions

Committees - Appointed & Standing

 2020 Moderator Appointed Committees

Nominating Committee  

Rev. Tom Shirk, Rev. Owen McAlister, (open)


Time, Place, and Preacher

   Rev. Dr. Mike McCormick; Rev. Adam Hensley; Rev. Dr. J. Brad Willis


2020 Standing Committees

Budget, Finance, Stewardship

 Mrs. Maggie McLauren (23); Mr. Jimmy Dubose (21);

 Mr. Donnie Howard (20); Rev. Timmy Barr (20)


Rev. Dr. Brad Willis (23); Rev. Milford Oswald (23);

Mr. Donald Fulmer (21); Rev. Chris Addy  (21)


Rev. Dr. Mike McCormick (22); Ma. Brielle Busbee (21); Ms. Maria Bolen (21);

Mr. Colt Bedenbaugh (20); Mr. Terry  Kittrell (20)